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Spring Opening 

Your swimming pool should be fun and something your family and friends enjoy.  
So let us help you get a good start for Spring by scheduling your Pool Opening today. Spring is a very busy time so schedule early.   We recommend cleaning off decks prior to our arrival.   We recommend adding chemicals throughout the winter and prior to our arrival to ensure maximum service performance.   What is done in a pool opening:                                        

  1. Remove Pool Cover

  2. Start up Equipment (heater upon request)

  3. Brush wall and steps

  4. Vacuum Pool (only if water is clear when we arrive)

  5. Inspect and re-install deck equipment

  6. Add chemicals

  7. Circulate water 24-48 hours then bring us a water sample to balance water

Note:  Customer needs to have water level ½ way into skimmer housing.  Place hose under cover and fill.  Also make sure dogs are put up, baskets are left out and gates/entry accessible.

Fall Closing 

We hope you and your family enjoyed your pool this summer.  We recommend closing as late as possible since we have warm falls and winters. Prior to our closings, we recommend you bring us a water sample and balance your pool water prior to our arrival so the chemicals can circulate 24 – 48 hours before closing and have the pool clean to save extra service time.  We encourage everyone during the winter to add chemicals to maintain clear water.  You can pull back your cover and add liquids directly to water.  This helps prevent green water and makes an easier opening.   What is done at a closing:

  1. Winterize Equipment -  pump, filter, heater, chlorinators, 

  2. Blow out skimmer and return lines (vinyl and fiberglass pools only)

  3. Vacuum Pool (if not too many leaves)

  4. Remove deck equipment, if required

  5. Add Chemicals (may need additional chemicals during winter months)

  6. Install Pool Cover

Closing Notes

  • Vinyl and fiberglass pool Customers need to drain pool below returns prior to our arrival

  • Customer needs to have covers left out at deck area

  • Customer needs to have as many leaves out of pool as possible

  • Indoor Below Grade Filter Rooms – Customer needs to maintain heat in room during winter freeze

  • Make sure covers are left out, dogs are up and gates/entry is accessible.

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