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Let us teach you how to find you own leak.

  • Homeowner Plan

    This plan will help you find you leak in your pool.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Basic leak detection 101
    • Gathering information to make sure you are leaking
    • Basic repairs.
    • Pictures and videos included in online class.
    • This gives you access to online information for 6 months
  • Commercial Plan

    Every month
    If you're a pool company this plan is for you.
    • Unlimited access to our online training
    • A list of what equipment you will need to do leak detections
    • How to gather information to confirm a leak.
    • Plus access to the owner of Pool Patch Pros four questions.
    • The owner has one 25 years in the leak detection business.
  • Professional package

    Everything you need to start a leak detection company.
    • Accessed online training
    • In-house training/on the job sit training
    • All tools needed to start and grow your business
    • 24 hrs access to the owner of Pool Patch Pros
    • Give us a call about this package.
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